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A historic and growing Hudson Valley Community

40 Square Miles
Population of 9,500
Bordered on 3 sides by water

  • 10 miles of Hudson River Shoreline to the East
  • Rondout Creek to the North
  • Walkill River to the West

Lush Woodlands and Sparkling Lakes
A great place to visit, a great place to live.

Announcements from the Town of Esopus
Winter Wonderland Parade 2014

Call for Winter Wonderland Parade floats

Have fun, get fit, become an Esopus Explorer

If you are interested in volunteering for a board or committee position, please contact Town Clerk Holly Netter for information.

Current Assessment Roll
Town of Esopus Library
Esopus Meadows Lighthouse
Klyne Esopus Museum
Black Creek Preserve
Shaupeneak Ridge
Sleightsburgh Park
John Burroghs Association (Slabsides)
Esopus Business Alliance
Birches at Esopus
Kingston Citibus Route C Schedule
UART G Route Schedule

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